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Att torka äpplen på ett enkelt sätt
Apelstapeln äppeltork står på en stol och lutas mot en vägg

Drying apples with Apelstapeln apple dryer

Here is how to dry apple rings with Apelstapeln apple dryer: Rinse the apples. Remove the core from the apples with an apple core-remover. Cut the apples into slices with a knife. It is also possible to use an apple peeler/slicer or a mandolin. Hang the apple slices sparsely on the sticks, and place them in the frame.

Place the apple dryer in a dry and warm place with good air exchange. The drying rack can be placed on a chair with the backrest facing out and leaned against a wall, or hung on the wall. Preferably use an apple variety that is tart and firm. The apples in the pictures are of the Ingrid Marie kind, a Swedish apple variety.

The apple rings are ready in about five to ten days, depending on the thickness of the apple slices. The apple rings are best stored airy, for example in a pot or a bowl covered with a kitchen towel, or in a paper bag.